Defender Interior Insulation / Sound Proofing








One of the biggest problems people will complain about why they don’t like or wont drive a defender is Road noise or its cold. Ok, its a fair point. Seeing as this is my 3rd defender and im now in my 30’s i was beginning to want a more user friendly vehicle so i decided to insulate the interior and future proof it where possible.


One problem I also wanted to get rid of was the fact that i didn’t seem to have a specific floor / barrier and there was water ingress due to seats being removed and holes not being filled. I began by sourcing insulation and removing all the interior from the the front seats back. I lines all the walls and the floor with insulation and used duct tape to mask the joins. after this was complete i sourced 10mm rubber and began to fit it to the floor, footwells and sides of footwells.

I sourced this from a local rubber company and used one piece and cut it to suit. After this was done i then trimmed and edged the corners with edging for steps. This was quite expensive but i think it made the job look more professional in the end.


The result was i had an interior that was dry, clean and easily washable. I had future plans to install a complete kitchen / cooking system and this was the perfect base to work from. I believe this is one of the top things i have done to make the defender a more day to day friendly vehicle. I has also reduced the road noise no end and had made the cabin a quieter place to be while driving.


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