Defender front doors upgrade

so as part of future proofing one of the priority’s was to upgrade the doors.

One of the major flaws of the defender was the doors. In all models right up to the Puma Defender (2006 onward) the doors were welded from steel and aluminium. When water got between the 2 metals a chemical reaction took place and began to speed up corrosion. After some time doors would begin to fall apart or even off the hinges completely. So rather then deal with this problem in the future i decided to deal with it before it became an issue. I sourced a new set of doors last year at the Peterborough Landrover Show and parted with a kings ransom due to the sought afterness of the newer doors. The main difference is that the Puma doors are made completely from pressed aluminium and are practically rust proof.

First i had to send the doors to be painted. Both doors were stripped of windows, seals, handles and paint.

Next the doors were sprayed (by a paint shop) and all the door furniture reinstalled with new keys and barrels fitted to all doors and ignition.

Next was to spray the new hinges. I began with etch primer and finished with a black gloss to contrast the Blue with black as the rest of the accessories are also black.

Final step is to install the central locking solenoid and fit new decals and the doors to the defender. Update to come in a following post

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