Wiper Spindle & Rack Replacement

So having owned defenders for the best part of a decade one job that just keep coming up is the wiper spindles. And of course they go from problematic to failure very quickly. I finally managed to spend some time doing the job I had been putting off for ages
First by removing the upper part of the dash, removing the wiper motor and accessing the spindles
The next step is to remove the wipers from the outside.
After getting the old components out it’s simply a matter of replacing them for the new. You can see the wear and tear on the old parts. When putting everything back together it’s important to grease all the components to extend the life for a long as possible.
Also when you have the wiper motor out it’s a good idea to clean out the old grease and replace it new grease.     
Parts were sourced from Paddocks Spares
Wiper Rack – DLE000010G Britpart are the OEM producer of this part.
Wiper Housing Assembly – 500010 I went with Bearmach parts.
Skill level required – 4/10
this is a very tricky little job and requires patience more than skill. be prepared for scratched knuckles and a few swear words while removing the spindles through the firewall.
Tools Required – Very Basic
A basic set of sockets, Screwdrivers and spanners along with some grease is really all that  required