The Wild Atlantic Way, part 3 day 3

Day 3

We woke in Corofin camp site. The weather had taken a turn for the better. Blue skies and no wind. It seemed we had finally shook the storm that seemed to be following us. Breakfast was sausages with fried egg on bagels with salad and a bug mug of tea. We sat in the sun with the dogs and made a plan for the day. We had come across a campsite in Cliften that was supposed to be very nice so decided to set off on our way. Before departure we did our usual packing up of the gear. I set drone batteries to charge but we also did a check on or gear and reorganised out foot locker for the days ahead.

It was a 140km trek that took us through Galway City. As we passed through the City we took the opportunity to pick up some sunglasses that we had both forgotten when we were leaving home. Having spent the last few days in wide open spaces and green land the concrete and the noise was a bit of a shock to the senses. We got our sunglasses and back to the defender and continue to Ciften. Our route took us through Salthill which reminded me of Bray in Co Wicklow in the old days. A seaside town with a Amusements and Casinos. We figured we didn’t need to stop to explore and continued. We did stop on a Pier in Spiddel where we had the last of the Pork Chops. This time marinated in Curry Powder, dry Garlic and seasoning. Pan seared on Ciabatta, hummus and leaves. It was really tasty and something i will add to the road cook book for future. We spoke with a cyclist in his late 50’s who had traveled 44k from inland to see the view and was continuing along the coast. After doing some drone shots we got back on the road having made it almost 1/2 way and 70ish km to go.

The journey took us through Screeb then up to Roundstone. A fairly challenging terrain of rocky and mountainous roads full of dips and bumps. I rarely got out of 4th gear the entire time. As we were cutting in and out of land and sea we got to talking about what we wanted for dinner. I suddenly got an Idea for Lobster and Crab and Dee wasn’t complaining!! We were trying to figure out where we were going to get some after 5pm as we were arriving in Cliften? We parked up and asked in a gift shop and were told the local Supervalu had a tank. We swung by and acquired largest crab and lobster in the tank from the Butcher who was incidentally zero craic and couldn’t get a smile out of during the entire process of picking and packing 2 fish! We got some other things like butter, dill, white wine and some bread from a local bakery. Now full of excitement and 2 large styrofoam boxes we made our way back to the defender for the final 11km trip to camp for the night.

We arrived at camp for the night and as usual quickly set up the pitch. We also set up a fire for the evening as we had plans to dine in style! I started to get the Shellfish ready and began to realise that my big ambitions for lobster did not stretch to my functionally small pots. It was a possible disaster. How was i going to cook the lobster and crab? Ok so lets think about it logically. I simply need a vessel i can stick on the fire to boil water. So i went to “forage” something. The campsite were using beer kegs cut in half as fire pits but they all had legs. I did manage to find one without legs hiding in a corner. I then filled it with sea water (by choice) and stoked the fire and put the “pot” on for the boil while Dee went for a shower. I decided the only way to prepaid the shellfish was simple. Nothing but butter and a bit of dill. I quickly dispatched the crab and lobster and placed them in the boiling Sea water. Dee arrived back from her shower and prepare the best dill butter dipping sauce, boiled baby potatoes and carved crusty bread while i cracked shell, picked meat and plated. We quickly sat at our campfire for the evening and watched the last of the sunset while dining on delicious fresh Shellfish washed down with a very crisp Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and wondered how the hell did we end up here!!

Tomorrow day 4 the final day to complete The Wild Atlantic Way. Having started from the Giants Causway in Antrum to Achill Island and from Dungarvin Co Waterford to Clifton and everything in between, Westport is our finishing point and brings with it both happy and sad emotions to know our trip is almost complete.

The Wild Atlantic Way 2016

May 2016 and we have found ourselves in a mini heatwave, but Being Ireland that can chage in a matter of minuites. We decided to set out towards the town of Bushmills in Norther Ireland to drink the Whiskey, Step on the Giants Causeway and Walk the Rope Bridge to an Island.

We set off with our 2 dogs for the first time. They would sleep in the lower half of the tent while we slept up top in the roof tent.

The rear of the defender has been been customĀ built with running water, Gas, 12v WAECO 35L Fridge, Dry Goods Pantry & all cooking equipment. This would be the first time we would get to use it for more than 2 days at once.

ulster 2
We set off on Sunday morning from Wexford and arrived home Wednesday night having covered 910 miles. The trip went very well from a planning point of view. It did give me a few ideas on how improving some of the system to make things quicker. The Satnav software on the iPad might need to be checked further. We were testing a new offline App while also using google maps. we did find one or 2 bugs that might need to be ironed out before the big trip.





IMG_2296Equipment – I finally got to use my ex British Army Arctic Sleeping Bag. Its designed to be used in Norway for temperatures below -20. Night time was about +3 degrees and the bag was perfect, not too hot and maintained a good body temperature through the night. So that’s another item ticked off the list andĀ tested.